Untoasted Coconut Chips

Untoasted Coconut Chips

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How It's Made

Coconut chips (desiccated coconut) are the shredded, dried meat or kernel of the mature fruit of the coconut. Hand-picked coconuts from the Coconut Triangle in Colombo are delivered to a central processing unit. Coconuts that do not pass a visual inspection are removed. Each coconut is de-husked, and then de-pared, leaving only the white coconut meat. The meat is fed to a conveyor belt and shredded. The shredded meat is then oven dried to reduce the moisture content to a predetermined level. After drying, the desiccated coconut passes through several sieves to reduce clumping and ensure size consistency. After visually inspecting the chips for discoloration or other imperfections, the product passes through volt magnets and metal detectors before being packaged and shipped.


Our unsweetened coconut chips are a popular ingredient for choclatiers and bakers to use in desserts and other baked goods. Chips can be sprinkled over cakes, in candy bars and make a nice ingredient in raw vegan recipes. They're even used by brewers for coconut beer or IPAs. Chips can be eaten by themselves, or sweetened and flavored.


Coconut chips are packaged in 10kg (22.04 lb) or 11.34kg (25lb) master carton boxes with inner poly lining.