The Coconut Cooperative Press Release

September 11, 2017,

Founded in 2014, The Coconut Cooperative is a leading producer of Organic and Fair Trade coconut products. The Coconut Cooperative sits at the nexus between international food security, farming, and sustainability.

Farmers are the heart of The Coconut Cooperative, and their network of farmers come from all over Southeast Asia. Despite cultural differences and varying levels of technological sophistication, all of their farmers have made a commitment to international food safety standards. Farmers are regularly audited to ensure USDA Organic and Fair-Trade USA compliance. In addition to quality standards, farmers recognize the tremendous importance of protecting the longevity of the coconut ecosystem. Through local partnerships opportunities, The Coconut Cooperative and its farming are replanting new coconut trees to minimize the effects of an aging coconut population.

Supply chain transparency is another pillar of The Coconut Cooperative. Nowadays, consumers are rightly curious about where their food comes from, and farmers should know how their produce is being consumed. Through a partnership with Fair Trade USA, consumers have the opportunity to directly fund local community projects relating to infrastructure, health care, or educational opportunities.

Finally, The Coconut Cooperative empowers the next generation of coconut farmers by modernizing and integrating new technologies into existing farming practices. Whether through mechanized coconut pickers, higher yielding coconut trees, or discovering new product uses, the goal is to bring attention and investment into these farming communities and create opportunities for the younger generation to eventually take the reins from the older generation.

Want to collaborate? The Coconut Cooperative is always looking for chefs, bloggers and other food professionals who are equally passionate about everything coconut. Get ready to join the coconut revolution!  

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