Fair Trade Projects in the Coconut Triangle

Last year, we launched a project with Cocotana Coconut Products and Fair Trade USA to certify our farmers out in Sri Lanka. Every year, hundreds of Cocotana farmers organize as a Fair Trade Committee to strengthen their coconut communities with innovative programs designed to find solutions to pressing issues they face. 

This year, farmers focused on health, human services, and education. The FTC collectively decided to invest in coconut trees for workers, providing glasses and other medical services to those in need, and distributing new books, schools bags, and stationery for young students. In addition, a generous donation was made to the Teresa church. 

Fair Trade Committee

Fair Trade producers earn more for their products and in addition to the community development projects we have undertaken, this year the FTC is focused on teaching new essential skills such as incremental quality improvements, business management and economic education, market linkage and new access to capital. 

As our network for Fair Trade certified farmers grows in the upcoming years, we at The Coconut Cooperative are committed to upholding the values of community empowerment and cultivating a global trade model that benefits the farmers, workers, consumers, and the earth. 



Frederic Zhang